The 11 Best Would You Rather Questions

Hey guys welcome back to my Blog.  Today we are gonna be checking out an app game called would you rather. That’s right the good old game of would you rather where you are confronted with two decisions on what you would rather do. So, let’s go ahead get right into these would you rather questions…

Would you rather


#1. Would you rather Xbox one or PlayStation?

My answer for this, I’m just gonna say the ps4 because that’s what I’ve been playing more recently because of the VR so ps4.  I didn’t know how you don’t want to mess with people’s X boxes or PS Playstations you know well mess with that.


#2. Would you rather be Batman or be Joker?

Honestly, I think I would rather be Joker because you seem to have a lot more fun. That ends a little too serious and I am NOT with the majority here but you know what it’s okay, it’s okay to not be with the majority. We’re a little weird, a little weird with this.


#3. Would you rather be the richest person in the world or be the healthiest and smartest person in the world?

I think this is a no-brainer hands-down rich is just kidding money isn’t everything. I’d rather be the healthiest and smartest person in the world. And majority you know good, I’m glad. Because the richest money can’t buy you everything people. I can’t buy you love. Can buy you? You know it’s fun but can’t buy you love or your health or the brains.


#4. Would you rather do you prefer WWE or WWF ?

So, the World Wrestling Federation is talking about like the wrestling. I want to say WWF because that’s what I grew up with WWF. We’re talking about the same thing.


#5. Would you rather be hunted by John Cena or be born in a ghetto with no parents?

I guess sub hunted by John Cena. This is like a really weird one/ I’m just gonna say hunted right by John Cena and yeah because without parents more than the ghetto is hard it’s, hard out there. John Cena I could just evade, I cannot out,wit him yeah I’m talking to you. John see no, no, I’m not, I’m just kidding.


#6. Would you rather kill Donald Trump or have a 1 million?

Well seriously,  I don’t, I don’t, I don’t wish death upon anybody. So, I don’t want to kill Donald Trump. But I do want to have a 1 million.. I do want to have a I mean I don’t wish this upon anybody even if I don’t agree with. Who they are?


#7. Would you rather marry your crush and they’ll love you or win 100 million dollars and have you crush hate you?

I mean that’s a lot of money. That’s a lot of zeroes there. You can’t buy love, you can’t buy love. That’s a close one because then I’ll live with that many zeroes you can probably buy something close to love.


#8. Would you rather buy Nike products or Adidas products?

I am, I like Nike more than Adidas. I haven’t worn and he does since like the fourth grade. So, gonna go with a Nike there.


#9. Would you rather sick three toothpicks under your big toe and kick a wall ow no thanks or sit on a pie and eat a dick?

Literally eating it because that’s kind of that’s cannibalism. Ya know uh the toothpick one no I just, I love meat, I love eating hot dogs and I love pies. So, majority agrees with me because that that first one is this painful, second one is not painful for me at all. I mean pie, I love pie.


#10. Would you rather live in the dinosaur agent have 99.9% chance of dying or have Megalodons still alive and have a 50-point 50% chance of getting eaten?

Well, i’m Megalodons are scary as hell they are like super giant big big sharks bigger than great whites. I’m glad they don’t exist now but, I’m going to take my chances my 50% chances and live with the Megalodon.


#11. Would you rather be deaf and blind or have Parkinson’s and arthritis?

That’s a bad one, that’s, that’s a toughy, that’s a toughy, because Parkinson’s uh and arthritis is just like shaky you can’t really do anything in your hands. That’s arthritis and then Parkinson’s is that is that the forgetting one where you don’t remember things I think I’d rather be deaf and blind than forget my life and people I love. I got touch and smell so Oh seriously people would rather have Parkinson’s and arthritis than be deaf and blind. You know I would I’m curious not saying that I want to be deaf or blind but I hear that your senses are heightened when you lose, you know one so when you lose two I mean the roses would smell really good that’d be a set that basically sad oh I don’t want to think about that.

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