Five things You Should DO Everyday

Here are my 5 things I should do every day. I write mine down on a small card and carry them with me in my purse. It helps to remind me to stay on track.

things i do everyday

1. Talk to God

This is a must. This is what sets the pace for my day. I talk to God in the mornings. I typically read my bible at night. I’ve been following the study in She Reads Truth. It’s an awesome way to study the Bible and get feedback on what you’re reading. I love it. It’s also great to talk to God throughout the day it helps me from making bad decisions like yelling at the person who cut me off while driving or being patient with the kiddos when they’re driving me mad.


2. Hug and Kiss my loved ones.

Though I’m not a very affectionate person. I do realize that this is important to my loved ones. It’s easy for me to be encouraging with my words, showing affection is a little harder. I am working on this. I tell myself, ok hug your kids they haven’t seen you all day or kiss them goodnight. This is getting easier and easier and even more natural as time goes by. I also love to kiss and hug all of my furry kids. They just get in my face and demand my love. They’re so awesome.


3. At least 15-20 minutes of exercise.

Whether it’s dancing or going up and down the stairs or going swimming, being active can really lift my spirits. Living in AZ where it gets super HOT outside, you do have to get creative with this. I love being outdoors and riding my bike or going for walks when it’s not so hot outside.


4. Blog or read other awesome Blogs!

This is one of my favorite things to do every day. I get so much encouragement and laughter just by reading some of my favorite blogs. I’ve met some truly wonderful ladies through the blogging community. This has been such a blessing for me.


5. Make others laugh

Did you know that every minute you laugh you gain 60 seconds of happiness? I think this is so true. I love to make others laugh. I love the sound of it. It’s easy for me to do. I’m very silly and I’m not afraid to make fun of myself. It’s great to bring a smile to my loved ones, friends or even strangers. You never know how a smile may brighten their day.


So, what’s your “5 Things You Must Do Every Day” to maintain your happiness? Everyone’s is different. Write them down here and make time for them in your daily routine.

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