Getting your relationship to Sizzle

If I were to be honest with you I would tell you that I secretly chose to write about this because it’s something that I’m honestly not good at. Between working, being a wife, raising foster kiddos, being a step mom and trying to be a good friend it’s pretty hard to find and make time for hubby and I. Most of us have similar lives. You may be a homemaker, which that in itself is very energy consuming, or a working mom or you might have a stressful job if so then I’m sure you can relate. By the time my hubby and I get home and we put the kids to bed, what I really want to do is lie in bed, watch some TV and check out.

This off course will not sizzle up my relationship. So I asked my hubby what are some things that we can do together to bring the sizzle back. He was more then willing to assist me with this. Hmm I wonder why? 🙂

We came up with 5 things we can do to accomplish this. I thought I would share them with you.

relationship to sizzle

1. Touching: Being affectionate is something that I’m not very comfortable with, but I’m definitely getting better. When you or your significant other get home be sure to hug and kiss each other. I can’t tell you how many days will go by, before I realized “hey it’s been a couple of days since you kissed your hubby”. When you’re out and about hold hands. This is very helpful in keeping the intimacy in your relationship.


2. Time Together: Make it a priority to spend time together. Invest in a good babysitter or if you’re blessed with a wonderful extended family why not ask for their help. If you have kids, it’s so important that you take the time to be together away just the two of you. Go on dates or do errands together. Play hooky together while the kids are at school. (just a thought)


3. Make “it” exciting: When you’re being intimate do not be afraid to be adventurous. Do some role playing. Dress up. Why not? (I wonder who came up with this one lol) Be vocal. Apparently guys really like this. Remember guys are very visual. Don’t be afraid to tell your hubby what you like as well. He wants to know.


4. Get out of the bedroom: I would not recommend doing this when you have company over or kids at home, but if you’re alone in the home why not? Spice things up, with candles or a romantic bath.


5. Be Adventurous: Have fun together and laugh often. Go park and look at the city lights and stars. Heat up the car. (hmmm you know what I mean). Go camping. I love it when hubby and I get away and go camping. Being surrounded by trees and looking at the stars it’s so romantic.


My hopes are to actually start doing some of these things. I do want to have a sizzling relationship don’t you?

What are some things that you and your significant other do to keep the spice in your relationship?

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