What do you love about Spring?

My favorite time of the year is definitely Spring. I hate to be indoors when it’s so beautiful and inviting outside. I do have allergies, but thanks to Claritin they’re pretty tolerable.


The things I love about spring are the colors. I love how everything changes. The flowers are blooming and everything seems so much brighter. This is the time of year where it’s perfect to go on a long bike ride. We’re currently trying to teach our 6 year old foster daughter to ride her bike. She’s getting the hang of it. I remember those days. I remember when I finally learned to ride and the thrill I felt when I could do it by myself.

My three dogs love this time of the year as well. They love to sunbathe and run around. They refuse to come inside and would rather be outside all day.

I’m also digging the Spring fashion, I’m trying really hard to control myself, but the colors of the fabrics are so lovely. I love the yellows, oranges, teals and whites. Lauren Conrad’s line has some beautiful prints out right now.

It’s also fun to eat outside. On the weekends we’ll eat breakfast and lunch in our backyard patio. It’s fun to sit back and look at the trees and enjoy this amazing time.

So what do you love about Spring?

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